Digital Modalities

  • AI 4 UFT-CWE

    AI 4 UFT-CWE

    Many thanks to Thao Vu and Chelsey Barber for leading Consortium for Worker Education’s United Federation Of Teachers members in our Digital Literacy PD. My favorite part was our discussion of educator affordances of

  • Ǝmbodied AI?

    Ǝmbodied AI?

    People attend a church service that was generated almost entirely by ChatGPT. Does AI have a soul?

  • memo


    can IR scans track for decision-making in relation to emotions while throwing clay? My “alpha” attempt at a tool designed for finding authentic ways to digitize multimodalities experienced by apprentices.

  • archaeological phenomenology

    archaeological phenomenology

    A vibrant USA construction trades movement, building into the clouds, may appear to have nothing to do with Vikings annealing bronze artifacts millennia ago. But we need each other in the Anthropocene.