Classroom Padleting

Why use Padlet in your classroom?

  • Kids love using their phones, easy energizer
  • You can learn a lot about your students from their pics
  • Break up your routine!
  • Try the AI!
RQ: How can using Padlet in my classroom be part of my andragogy?

Padlet allows for quick sharing for individual students or groups while letting students see what other students are thinking. Padlet can be used both synchronously and asynchronously for collaborative learning. Its “word wall” technology is a helpful platform for writing assessment. Not only can Padlet be used for classroom instruction, it allows teachers to collaborate with students, other teachers and professionals.

Here’s one of my recent Padlets:

I asked my HS students to take a picture of a green building function in their home this month. Gas stoves reigned supreme. Maybe most people think greenhouse gases = gas stoves. From a LEED perspective, there’s a lot of green building functions in our homes that have a heavier carbon footprint.

But now I know gas stoves is a good way into a green building lesson.

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