Project: UFT-CWE DL-PD Training #5

Big Idea:

What DL standards apply across CWE’s workforce development programs?

Desired Results

Goals: Practicing aligning ISTE, NYSED, NSQ and UNESCO digital literacy standards to an activity with a digital component will deepen our understandings of our andragogies.


  • The only meaningful DL standards for our Chapter members are those which apply to all of our members.
  • Standards alignment is a means, not an ends. Uncovering standards aligned to what you want to do in your class offers a deeper, meta-cognitive understanding of your personal pedagogy.
  • Standards are not “things we have to do,” they challenge us to do our jobs better.

Participants will acquire: familiarity with a variety of DL standards as well as proficiency with standards alignment techniques. Also using Padlet.


Performance Tasks:

  • draw connections between digital literacy (DL) standards and an activity they design, with a digital component
  • Criteria are TBD, as this is our first time rollout, however, did instructors mimic my model, or create something original?

Roles: Each instructor will design an activity for their classes with a digital component that they will then align to a various digital literacy standards.

Audience: all members of the UFT-CWE.

Situation: An online PD training for UFT-CWE members on applying digital literacy standards to our personal andragogies.

Products: Participants will draw something to align digital literacy standards to an activity they would like to do in their classroom with a digital component. The drawings will encourage instructors to reflect upon

  1. how standards can improve their andragogies
  2. specific standards related to each instructors’ way of teaching.

Criteria (TBD!) for Success: my model

Instructors will produce a drawing illustrating how DL standards are aligned to an activity with a digital component that each design.

Completing a Post Training Satisfaction Survey will be requested.

Where u @?Padlets!
Hold interestall the bells and whistles of my Green Building lesson
Equip participantsHow to use Padlets, survey DL standards online, draw connections between standards and instructional delivery
Rethink & Revise“what do standards mean to you?”
Evaluate work and implicationssurvey
Tailored to differencesThe “Big Idea” is all about the fact that each of us in UFT-CWE teaches unique content, in unique contexts, leading to the difficulty for each of us to share standards across our UFT-CWE chapter.