Why does CWE need its own LMS?

KISS: We can’t negotiate with all the other locals, professional organizations, and internationals that have one, if we don’t have one better than theirs. “Why should I lower my standards?”

The ubercrawl unceremoniously sluiced back into the agua eléctrico this month, given its successful and unprecedented circumnavigation of worlds rarely explored by worker education crews, pre-Pause. “Click and dragging” is not a skill much valued in our neck of the woods. But we were all in deep waters last year, our rafts paddling next to the “New Jacobins.” But for the first time since we last had a worker as our Labor Secretary, and a woman at that, “scaling up” is no longer a dream, it is an imperative.

My contact hours actually increased during COVID, not only because I mastered LMS skills well before it was an acronym, but more fundamentally, because I always will have a compulsion to keep my hands in many pies. Construction Skills cut back last FY, but I nickel-and-dimed more hours from NEW. Not for greed, prestige or any of the other behaviors Big Data seeks to monetize with its exploits into remote learning. (I imagine boardroom meetings many years ago, plotting the derivations of disaster capitalism, salivating over the panoply of permutations they could avail themselves of, when our apprentices became exposed to their toxicity). No, in order to keep my brain occupied during the “shelter at home” times, repetitive behaviors were anathema to me, especially because my career path seeks to offer my talents towards enhancing workers’ lives. My skills, my innovations, my life would deteriorate if I was relegated to a virtual cubicle. Consider the irony of virtual hands-on training.

Under duress, I developed methodologies, processes and workflows that exceeded any port I docked in last FY. My most important lodestar on those moonless nights was knowing our knuckleheads will lie, cheat and steal whenever the opportunity presents. I ported my WordPress LMS I used as an adjunct at Boricua College for a decade (I am still dumbfounded by how one week, I am teaching a lesson on life after the Hadean, just as I had for the past decade, and then the next, nothing, to this day). And I figured out a way to make sure my assessments couldn’t be “cut and pasted” from one knucklehead to the next.

My last presentation was all about the alpha: what are our guiding principles as we build our own LMS? Not that we are anywhere close to answering those questions, but I feel the need to launch a beta presentation, things I could do to heighten and extend our capacity and prestige as the premiere NYC organization offering technical support to worker direct entry programs into locals across the city. various daydream projects to consider implementing as our LMS takes wind.


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