Tacking towards lodestar

Nail Penetration

@sunset, i retire to my cabin, wonder what went well, and not, that day. resting in my hammock, i consider my best tack forward at daybreak: push the homework deadline forward. My bones creek with the ubercrawl’s.

my last orders were not entirely executed. Nail Penetration and Screw Holes are still out there. it was Friday, we were all tired (at least your projected Zoom rectangles on my dark wall were), i made a judgment call on the fly: instead of taking breaks in the shanties, i gave not 1, but 2 breaks in the main hull. so we’re still behind the course i plotted last week.

My biggest takeaway from the last class was the unwillingness of some of our crew to submit anything less than a perfect product. The trades is more about managing your time, than producing perfection. There will always be a crew following you to do your touchups.

Second was the affirmation that it looks easy when i dance my ditties, but when you have to do it yourself, you best been taking good notes.

Finally, everyone on the ubercrawl, right now, surely must know what a Kwik/z is: instant feedback. If not, click here. Today’s Kwik/z will be on Nail Penetration and Screw Bits.


Here’s what we’re doing today:

It is likely we will run short today. If so, I will begin Green Math, but it will NOT be on the midterm.