Our class began before Spruce Run, and finishes today. My birthday happened during this space of time as well. How to make the next year a better one is the kind of feedback I’m looking for.

We all know how much learning deteriorated during COVID. I get the sense that maybe my classes might have gone somewhat to the contrary.

I don’t see any alternative for the classes I teach being offered any other way than online, for another year. How can I make my virtual pre-apprenticeship classes engaging, offer opportunities for learning, or at least make the learning experience less painful?

Many of the teaching skills I excelled at in the classroom were ripped away from me, and it’s only now that all of my first guess mistakes adapting to online learning can be rigorously eliminated. Hopefully, I will be back in the classroom, for real, soon. Until then, how can I best serve NAN 101+?

Any feedback will be appreciated. The more detailed the better.

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    Think about the classes you had in a year before, and after, COVID. Think about all you learned in your classes.
    Do you think you learned more or less in classes after COVID?

    In the classes you’ve had since COVID, think about the ones you liked most.