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I know you in the room won’t learn any slick WordPress tips from me: my LMS design techniques are quite primitive. Trial-and-error tacks, sink-or-swim manifests, dry-docking a few times a year to patch only the most gaping of hull holes – that’s all I got. What you might find interesting is my rather unique WordPress perspective. As an educator, each of the brown bars above rattles the deepest reaches of my brain. I look at the first brown sliver May 2020. Whenever I look at it, I feel pride. A sliver, yes, but I launched my educraft before anyone else I could see from my spyglass. Where I work, we didn’t even have a Zoom account until August. From that slivered launch, I measured my bars, perused the logs.

Thanks to JetPack! Yes, it costs money, Line … I guarantee that JetPack will reduce cortisol levels for any educator: no matter how badly you blow up your website, JetPack will take you back 24 hours with just a few clicks. I did it many times 2020.

So I had Jetpack installed, 5/20, and didn’t think much about it (except the many times I blew up the ubercrawl) until about the end of the year. Exhausted every night, I’d crack a few beers and simply stare at the bars. And, from a day/week/month perspective, I could reflect upon my Protean efforts, congratulating myself for a job well done today, the incredible perserverance I maintained through the week, unbelieving what I did, month, after month, after month. It became a pleasurable ritual retreating to my captain’s cabin, crack one open, stare at the stats, wondering why, what worked, what didn’t.

But simply stating what happened when is not what I think most of you in the room will find valuable. Again, it’s about perspective. Why was I ready to launch the ubercrawl 5/20? Because the ubercrawl arose in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in the late 1990s, referenced by the Betinho Project in 2000, sailed the webquests, the wikis, the blogspots. It aligned itself with the WordPress community, 2011, and for many years served my classes as an adjunct professor at Boricua College.

All of that happened before The Pause.