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crisis is an abused word. When the word is adjacent to “environmental,” “existential,” often rears its many hydra’d head. Perhaps Jehovah’s Witnesses are right to say all that is left to do is witness The Rapture.

Even If it is too late, we still need to frame a good face (like Rick Grimes) for our children.

How can we redesign our schools to empower residents to silence the cacophony of carbon footprints stomping us all into oblivion?

The following probe questions are conditioned by the time (second Thursday of the month, 7PM),
and the reference text: Antonio Gramsci’s “The Organisation of Education and Culture.”

  • Our group’s name is, “Climate and Sustainability Study Group: Climate Change and Education“.
    How does, what we are doing right now, connect to the text?
  • “Organic” flows through the text. What are Gramsci’s connotations about the word?
  • Freire’s “banking concept of education” is well disbursed.
    How is Gramsci’s conception of the “unitary school” dis/similar?
  • In the second paragraph, Gramsci states that “general culture” schools are, “doomed.”
    What does the text mean to you?
  • Gramsci posits that formal-legal rulers are becoming anachronisms (page 5). Dis/agree?
  • In the “final phase,” (page 8), Gramsci states that as the “unitary school” completes its journey with a child to adolescent, it must be, “creative,” and “active.” What do these words mean to you?
  • Top of page 7,
    • “Special Attention must be paid to a side which is ignored today — “rights and duties.”
      Let’s connect back to what our group is all about:
      Climate and Sustainability Study Group: Climate Change and Education

We agreed last meeting that Sustainability classes can’t be plugins or addons, their objectives must permeate all classes within the school. Gramsci states that schools should have a “twenty-four hour collective life.” (page 7) If there is a crisis in sustainability education, what values, and how, need to be injected into our sick corporeal body?

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