Find a building in Brooklyn that is “green”.  The following links will take you to websites that have information on green buildings in Brooklyn.

  • Inhabitat – this website includes news articles about NYC buildings that are designed to minimize their carbon footprints.
  • GreenHomeNYC – maps and lists green homes in New York City
  • US Green Building Council – this website lists buildings that satisfy LEED criteria.  Type your borough (Brooklyn) into the search box to find green buildings near where you live.  You will likely have to research for additional information to learn the specifics about why a listed building is green.
  • Green Building Information Gateway – use the same procedure as the US Green Building Council to find green buildings in your nabe.
  • NYBits – another list of green apartments


General Resources

Click on the link below to print out the worksheet you will fill out for this assignment.


Each student will choose a green building in Brooklyn, using the links above, or Google.  Every student will choose their own, unique building.  Then, after reading about the green building, fill out the worksheet, and hand in.