Go to the PBS NOVALABS website, and click on the Log-In/Log-Out green button on the upper right corner of the webpage and create an account for yourself.  Make sure to fill out your first name on the Info page (you don’t have to fill out your last name if you don’t want to).

Once you have your own account, go to the PBS NOVA Evolution Lab.  Follow the instructions to complete the six phylogenic trees. When you finish all 6 missions, click on the yellow person icon at the upper left side of the webpage.  All 6 missions should be playable if you have completed all of the missions. Save the page for credit, take a screenshot, or picture with your phone for lab credit.

NOTE: Make sure your name is visible on the screen.

For extra credit, complete the cladogram_worksheets as you work through the missions.

Your screenshot should look something like this:

Extra Practice:

Khan Academy