Thanks Joe!

Yesterday, President Biden signed an Executive Order, that includes a commitment to developing a net-zero emissions building portfolio by 2045, including a 50 percent emissions reduction by 2032 for all federal buildings, including the General Services Administration. Think about our discussion of thermal conductivity last class, and all of the green jobs that will be created, thanks to Joe.

where i want to write

We talked about “hobbit houses” last class, and that’s where, when I rebel against being a wage slave, returning to my “there and back again” Welsh homeland, I dream of writing my three volume magnum opus on worker education, technology in the classroom, and data-driven assessments. Hobbit homes are even more livable in a COVID environment.

Today, I’ll take any questions you may have about the homework, grades, etc. The final won’t take more than an hour for most of you.

Finally, I wish each and every one happy holidays. In that spirit, I’d appreciate any reflections, advice, takeaways you have for this class. It’s optional, you don’t need to include your name, but any gifts to keep the ubercrawl afloat next year will be greatly appreciated. If you’re so inclined, please leave a reply in the comment box below.