Dear Construction Skills students:

    At this point, you all are experts at online learning and we would appreciate any insights or suggestions you may have so that we can continue to improve our pre-apprenticeship program.

    When filling out this form, please keep in mind the following guidance for responses:

    1) Be Nice! — We know it’s not perfect. Please offer feedback that specifically identifies what part of the website was difficult or frustrating.

    2) Be Specific! — “The website doesn’t work,” is not helpful. Please be specific when describing challenges you ran into while using the website.

    3) Be Safe! — Any ideas you may have about ways to experience a “COVID-compliant” pre-apprenticeship education other than watching a YouTube video or Zoom meeting would be greatly appreciated.

    Remember, we ask that you try offer your opinion honestly and responsibly.

    Thank you and stay safe!


    Focus Questions

    1. I prefer a

    virtual classroom.physical classroom.

    2. Have you experienced online education before?


    3. Online learning in an apprenticeship setting can be just as good as a traditional classroom setting.


    4. Adapting to a 100% online learning environment, compared to how I learned in past years, was

    easy.a little bit of a problem.difficult.

    5. This website, compared to other websites you used this year for online learning, was

    better.the same.worse.

    6. Given the information provided during your Construction Skills course, do you feel ready and prepared to enter an local apprenticeship program?


    7. During your time in the Trades Math Class, were you able to master the math skills demonstrated in class?

    a lot.a little.nothing at all.

    8. During your time in the Introduction to Building Trades, did you feel you attain the skills necessary to enter an apprenticeship program?

    a lot.a little.nothing at all.

    9. During your time in Hands On Instruction, did you feel equipped to do the jobs a 1st year Apprentice would be required to do in the field?

    a lot.a little.nothing at all.

    10. The Breakout Groups were designed to enhance team building and communication skills. How effective was that design for you?

    a lot.a little.nothing at all.

    11. One of the primary design parameters for this website was providing unique trades math worksheets to each student. This design parameter was something I

    appreciated.didn't care about.didn't like.


    Freestyle Responses

    As COVID recedes, how we return to “normal” will likely include questions about how much, if any, of the rapid transition to a 100% online learning platform should be retained in future years. How would you like to see online learning like you experienced this year continue in your education pathway? Not at all? Entirely? Please explain how you think this year’s online learning should be incorporated into your future studies as a construction trades apprentice.

    P.S. Once again, Thank you for your engaging, challenging inquiries about learning about Construction Skills in a 100% online learning environment. Every night, after class, our ship of learning had to retack to the shifting winds of the COVID-19 tempest. Months on end with nothing but clouds in the sky, we barely bailed enough water and hammered down enough studs before docking at port the next morning and laying down the gangplanks for you to login for another online Construction Skills class.