Heat Transfer (U factor)

A major part of my professional development has come from kicking back at the end of a work day, and reflecting upon what what went well, and more importantly not, and wonder why.

My biggest mistake, yesterday, was not saying thank you, (diolch in my native tongue), to those of you who corrected errors in my answer key. We all learned something yesterday.

Teaching would be an easy career if every day was a Friday. Today, all of the work is on you – here’s the rubric:

  • +/– Feet & Inches (8 questions)
  • Missing Sides/Perimeter (6 questions)
  • Ruler Measurements (8 questions)
  • More/Less Than (8 questions)
  • Nail/Screw (8 questions)
  • Carbon Footprint (8 questions)

46 Questions