thème sombre

Übercrawl first launched sometime in 1998 along the East River where the N 7th St Park used to be. Its maiden manifests, which it navigated for two decades, took orders from the Watchperson Project (Betinho Prize 2000 finalists!) and Boricua College. March 2020, the ubercrawl fell into the Sargasso Sea, read the rime, and then sailed again, towards new ports of call.

tacking 2020

Immediately after losing its maiden manifests, the ubercrawl careened into a maelstrom encircling CWE, NEW and Construction Skills: do what was done for decades, paper in file cabinets to photocopier, an hour before class, – deliverables are due end of June, our CFO is on the phone with the banks nonstop now, we need the money – launch now, sink or sail. the ubercrawl bravely launched, May 2020. Time references longer than a day became irrelevant, for a year.

captain from stern to cabin bunk, again
staring at stats
ubercrawl steers towards lodestars.

the ubercrawl logged everything during The Pause

March 28, finally offloaded its first CSkills crew since the maelstrom. Cycle 11 was logged from the official CWELMS armada, which didn’t get into the water until 2021. The c11 database, thanks to the many courses the ubercrawl traversed, was rich and robust.

crew studied through 2nd weekend for midterm, final 4/20

Next week, CWELMS will receive a 125 person crew.

ubercrawl unencumbered
galleys battle tested
well positioned to set sail where there be dragons,
farther from the flotsam
drifted among
two years past.