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curriculum vitae

Apex, zenith, escape velocity are quick motifs for where I find myself, right now. My most important values, that I refused to let go of during the Pandemic migration to remote learning left me exhausted, and exhilarated:

  • Designing & Delivering Data Rich Assessments
  • Tackling “The Semantic Problem”
  • Furthering the Apprenticeship Tradition

I am currently a full time employee of the Consortium for Worker Education, delivering trades math, NABTU and local union test prep curricula, such as the IBEW Local 3 Aptitude Test and IUEC Local 1 Elevator Industry Aptitude Test (EIAT), for the Edward J. Malloy Construction Skills and Nontraditional Employment for Women pre-apprenticeship programs. I invested much of my life into constructing that sentence, and I am loathe to deconstruct it. Yet part of me senses the only way forward for me on my career path that will take advantage of all of the LMS skills I acquired in the past year will require me to risk it all.

Data-driven assessments, delivered on WordPress LMS platforms based upon a workflow process I developed:

  • Permutate — Create Excel worksheets using CONCATENATE, VLOOKUP, INDEX, INDIRECT
  • Pour — Build InDesign shells (styles, linked text boxes, .indb,
  • Press

Through the clouds a luminous summit, I don’t know what is there, but I know I have come closer in the past year than most in my life, and would like to maintain my momentum moving forwards, but with less stressful, or at least significantly higher earning opportunities.