… s.o.s. … ubercrawl already under heavy weather

Updated update! 9/29: Click on ‘final grades’ to see what you got right/wrong. Ms. Kim has your course scores. Any questions for me, I’ll be looking at the ‘typos’. But not now! The ubercrawl will be docked the rest of the week. Radar will be back up next Monday.

Update 9/28: (hopefully) all scores from day 1 to date are updated.

Update noon 9/27: The blueprint, percent, units and carbon footprint homeworks have been assessed and uploaded to the grades page. Tomorrow I will update everything prior to the midterm.

Update noon 9/24: All links are clean, reference materials on the side menu, carbon footprint and answer forms are all up. All typos so far have been answered.

The ubercrawl backend broke before class tonight: my SQL database was flagged for excessive content, so had to reup my contract. Just for you guys! lol

  • typos will be our communications mode until the final
  • friday i will upload the units form and set of carbon footprint worksheets
  • i will endeavour to rerun all of the down/uploads this weekend and reassess

and fix the links!

nuf sed!

stay toond!