No rime this time

The Maze:

The Sargasso Sea is a place all captains fear.

Flouting the pirates’ code, raising the black too soon, is as bad as barnacles on the bow. Floating on a virtual Sargasso Sea for a year, among the flotsam of rotting paper’d lesson plans and worksheets, now, I can tack circles around Big Data, but I try to stay off the radar.

My traffic always drops from Day 1 to 2 of my online courses, but consider what happened two days ago, and yesterday:

This is risky, asking you something not about math—what happened yesterday? I felt our class was at least as engaged as Day 1, but metrics strongly diverge from that hypothesis.

Now, we will huddle in shanties, and wander the maze, reporting out ON TIME. Then, we will examine nail penetration and screw holes.