Green Building Links

ASHRAE’s 2020 design competition

Our first Green Building was the East River Park. One of many green infrastructure projects in our city.

Now located across the street from Fearless Girl, the US Green Building Council created the most used green building tally system.  135,579 green buildings, from Afghanistan to Zambia are currently LEED certified on their website. At the core of LEED certification is its checklist. LEED 4.1 includes:

Finding buildings with low U-factor materials, solar cells or geothermal heat pumps is easier when starting with a list of LEED buildings to search from. Try these.

Academic Building Lists with LEED checklist

No Leed Checklist

but very detailed descriptions

Only California has more gross square feet LEED certified than New York. New York City has already invested significantly in green buildings. Here are some lists of them in the city.

GSA Buildings

Top 10 LEED-Certified Office Buildings in NYC in 2020