Final Form


    1) If you’re doing a subtraction, and the second number is bigger than the first, just flip the numbers and subtract the smaller number from the bigger number if that happens.

    2) There are 46 questions on the final.

    3) For calculator questions (blueprints, etc.) SO LONG AS YOU’RE CLOSE you will receive full credit. Don’t type in all of the digits, just the first 3-4 digits. The decimal must be in the correct place, however.

    4) Only numbers! No feet or inches symbols, dollar signs, equal signs, etc. If you type something other than a number into the answer box, you risk getting your answer marked wrong.

    All fields (boxes) must be filled in, or your form will not be submitted.
    Please write down all of your answers on your worksheet or a piece of paper before filling out this form.

    (use the ‘Tab’ button to jump down a box, and Shift-Tab to jump up a box.)

    Page #1: Ruler Measurements

    Page #2: More Than / Less Than

    Page #3: Feet & Inches