Sheet Metal Local 28 Entrance Exam Test Prep Materials

Sheet Metal Local 28 Entrance Exam Test Prep Materials

  1. Computation (20 Questions)
    ASMD of

    1. Whole Numbers
    2. Decimals
    3. Fractions
    4. Integers
    5.  & Percentages!
  2. Concepts & Applications (32 Questions)
    1. Charts
    2. Decimal System
    3. Fractions
    4. Number Line
    5. Word Problems
    6. Probability
    7. Graphs
    8. Measurement (how to do this on a computer, i have not a clue)
    9. Definitions
    10. Geometry
    11. Order of Operations

Online References:

  2. Ask Dr. Math
  3. AAA Math


52 Questions.  1 Hour.
5 unproductive minutes, not good.
A high stakes exam.

So I’m going to say what every test prep instructor says,


Here’s how you can practice for this Saturday: Download

  1. Test prep material.
  2. Basic Math integer worksheets and Answer Key, if necessary.

At the end of class. I will “bubble.” I do so to underscore how important “transfer” errors are.
I know the answer is 24, but I check/click/digitize 25.

If you can’t print the bubble, at least write down your answers on a piece of paper.
Transfer errors are the #2 reason why workers don’t pass the Sheet Metal Entrance Exam.


Time Management. How much time do you have to do how many questions?

1 Hour to do 53 Questions.  A minute a question.  The odds are you won’t answer all of them.

That’s OK!  So long as you have a strategy, like skipping the probabilities.




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