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B/GCP Feedback

    Class (optional)
    BCP 139GCP 01

    Please keep in mind while answering the following questions:

    • 2/23 was an experiment to find ways to more actively engage students in a Zoom classroom format that I am personally done with.
    • Beginning the class with a set of complicated instructions was, and is, necessary.
    • Detailed feedback is infinitely more valuable than general observations.

    Feedback Questions

    1) What were the three objectives for the class?

    2a) Do you have a preference between having a camera video me using a dry erase marker on a white board ("pinning me"), or using a Microsoft tablet on the Zoom Share screen?
    pinscreen share

    2b) If you have a preference, please describe any thoughts as to why.

    3) One limitation we experienced was the release from the Zoom Main Room to Breakout Rooms. How could we make moving to Breakout Rooms more facile?

    4a) The instructions took 30 minutes to explain. Were you able to begin producing the objectives when you entered the Zoom Breakout Room? Please describe how your group began to form. Did you introduce yourselves? Did you ask questions about what you didn't get? How did you form as a group?

    4b) What could be done to make it easier for you to complete the objectives in the Breakout Rooms?

    5) One goal of this class was for students from one class "meet and greet" another class, in Breakout Rooms. Additionally, the BCP students were asked to teach GCP students about heat pump problems. Please reflect upon that objective, and describe successes and improvements that could be made concerning that sharing of knowledge.

    6) As stated on top, the class was an experiment to examine ways to enhance active engagement in a virtual learning setting. How did it work out for you? What parts of the class did you like? What parts of the class need improvement? Again, the more detailed your descriptions, the more likely revisions will be made addressing your concerns.